6666 Genetically modified Unique Beasts on a mission to conquer Planet ImmutableX.

Immutable KongZ is a collection of 6666 digital ERC-721 NFT collectibles living on the Layer2 Ethereum blockchain Immutable X.

Each KongZ is generated programmatically and will have a unique set of traits randomized for different rarity. The details about rarity will be revealed after the mint. KongZ is the GEN1 of the Immutable KongZ fam, and these creatures will be your access token to exclusive NFT drops and a universe of utility.


6666 * 0.066 / 0.08 ETH


We are working on the further direction of this project and planning to blend Defi with Gaming. After the initial drop, we’ll introduce breeding capabilities and our utility token(s) the dynamics of which are in the process of definition.


Each KongZ will be given a special earring. These earrings will be worn by all KongZ as part of their standard outfits, and they will come in 2 main different kinds. These special items, together with the utility token burning process, will have the ability to power the fusion of two KongZ with a matching earring. The energy released during this process will generate new and more powerful creature, called KongX.
KongX will be an access token to a deeper level of Immutable KongZ reward and utility system. They will unlock 4 main perks: Kong Arsenal, Kong Treasury, AlphaKong Community, and Kongstomizer.






Kong Arsenal will be a marketplace where you can purchase, trade, and auction armor sets with special properties that will create further utility for the holders (e.g. increasing rarity score, yielding tokens…) that we will define together with our community. Part of earnings from the Kong Arsenal will be reinvested into the Treasury.

Additionally, each KongX will be born with a unique mark that will establish its belonging to a specific KLAN. KongX owners of the same KLAN will gather in private channels of the AlphaKong community where they come together to talk, trade, and build strategies around the use of the Arsenal.

We'll be releasing more updates and extending the roadmap as each step becomes more clear. We decided to approach NFTs with a different spirit, without unrealistic promises and aggressive marketing. Our mission is now to create the foundation of a strong Brand that focuses on Community, Creativity, Environment, Technology, and Fun. Make sure to join our amazing community on Discord to stay up to date with the further development of the project.




Enthusiastic, creative, curious self-learner with over 10 years of work and study experience in Creative and Communication Design. He is a social animal in a constant search for new landscapes to apply his knowledge and creativity to bring people together. In love with Gaming, Game Design, Comics, and movies of all kinds.



Product manager with 5+ years of experience in launching new products, defining vision, and building strategies. She has a strong interest in blockchain technology and the NFT landscape. Ms.Token is pushy enough to kick the Kongs over the edge. She loves adventures, active sports, foreign languages, and dancing.



His life stands on these 4 pillars: family, coding, superheroes, and some more coding. As a geology student, he’d first seen the code 11 years ago. 5 years later he started working as a PHP developer, then switched to Kotlin, and in between learned Go, Javascript, Solidity, and C++. Now he is at the point when coding language is just a tool. A tool to rock the NFT world!


Most frequent questions and answers

As part of the initial launch, we will create 6666 unique KongZ NFTs. We’ll reserve 70 KongZ for airdrops and the team.

Yes, pre-sale will be available, for 2222 WL members only.

Pre-sale discount price – 0.066 ETH per KongZ.

Public Mint regular price – 0.08 ETH per KongZ.

Max possible amount of minted NFTs would be equal to 2. And we recommend you to take full advantage of it.

We are aiming for the 1st half of December. The exact dates for pre-sale and public mint are still to be defined.

First on Immutable X, and then on Tokentrove.

There are no gas fees, as we are launching on 2nd layer platform IMX.

A detailed guide will be provided soon.

The future of Immutable Kongs is around Defi and Gaming. Even though we have a general vision of Kong’s system, we will move step by step in an agile way, adapting and acting upon the learnings we generate as the project evolves. We will also heavily involve our community throughout the phases since we want to build a system that would be attractive for all of us.